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Geriatric Mental Wellness A Compassionate Approach

In a rapidly ageing world, the mental health of our elders matters more than ever. They face isolation, loss of independence, chronic pain, and the risk of dementia and depression. It's not just about improving quality of lifeā€”it's about igniting joy, dignity, and belonging. At Lissun, we're dedicated to offering tailored support that touches the hearts and minds of our elders, lighting the path to a brighter, joy-filled future

Unveiling the Silent Struggle: The Mental Health Crisis Among the Elderly

Isolation and Loneliness

A staggering 40% of seniors regularly experience loneliness, a factor that doubles their risk of developing dementia

Depression and Anxiety

Nearly 20% of people aged 65 and over suffer from depression, with anxiety disorders affecting 10% of this population

Cognitive Decline

One in nine individuals above the age of 65 is touched by Alzheimer's disease, impacting over 6 million families

Solutions Offered by Lissun

Tailored Compassion, Transformative Care

Lissun stands at the forefront of revolutionising geriatric mental wellness. Our approach intertwines cutting-edge technology with the warm touch of personalised care, creating a sanctuary for the elderly to flourish mentally and emotionally

Personalized Therapy Sessions

Our platform matches seniors with therapists who specialise in geriatric psychology, ensuring a deep understanding of their unique challenges

Engaging Community Programs

From virtual book clubs to online yoga sessions, We foster a vibrant community that combats loneliness and promotes mental agility

Innovative Tools and Resources

Our suite of apps offers cognitive exercises designed to sharpen the mind, alongside relaxation techniques to soothe the soul

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