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Dreaming Consciously? Lucid Dreaming & Its Effects on Body

Learn about Lucid Dreaming, where one is aware that they are dreaming. Hear the story about Aaliyah, who shares her experience! Specialists define lucid dreaming as a state where the dreamer is aware about what they are dreaming. REM also know as Rapid eye movement is a sleeping stage where your brain stays active incorporated with an increase in eye and heart movements as well. Therefore, it can be said that REM helps us to lucid dream, Lucid dreams can be interpreted just like normal dreams. Since lucid dreams involve a state of consciousness, they are more vivid and easier to remember and understand. You can interpret your lucid dreams by keeping a daily journal where you can note down your dreams which will help you to find a connection with your daily life. Lucid dreaming also offers various benefits to the dreamer. This includes:- Less number of nightmares Decreased state of anxiety and stress Enhances Creativity. Lucid dreaming can relax an individual’s state of mind during his/her/their sleep. Here are some suggestions on how you can experience REM or lucid dreaming- Avoiding electrical devices before going to sleep Following a consistent sleep routine Working out or exercising daily


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