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Balancing Act - Work, Life, and Online Mental Health Support

Work-life balance is a trendy term these days. Every employee recognizes it as a necessity. But do they follow it? Indeed, it is a burning question. As the world moves forward, the complexities of jobs and the imbalance in personal and professional life are increasing. People work incredibly long hours to survive in the competitive world and neglect their personal lives and mental health. This habit of ignoring their mental well-being can result in great turmoil in their life. Effect of choosing excessive working hours over personal life Opting for long working hours does not necessarily increase the productivity of the individual. Instead, there can be absolutely the opposite impact of it. There can be various drastic effects on the employee's physical and mental health. Let's understand the impact of work-life imbalance in the long run. Physical Health Concerns Mental Health Strain Reduced Creativity Higher Chance of Burnout Negative effects on relationships Physical Health Concerns An individual paying the least amount of attention to balancing work and personal life is prone to increased bodily health issues. Long working hours can lead to severe health-related problems like cardiovascular issues, obesity, exhaustion, a compromised immune system, and heightened vulnerability to diseases. Sometimes, if delayed in taking action, these health issues can become irreversible. Mental Health Strain Straining of mental health comes naturally with elongated working hours. When you are working more than the limit, the pressure of quality performance keeps increasing as it is evident that a person's productivity decreases when he works beyond the capacity. Long work hours without enough breaks can often lead to increased stress, anxiety, and diminished cognitive function. If they are not addressed on time, it can lead to significant issues like depression. Reduced Creativity Strained mental and physical health will automatically reduce the creativity of the person. Sometimes, you need help even to think straight and complete simple tasks. So, to keep your creative mind intact, your work and life must be balanced. Higher Chance of Burnout Burnout is a condition marked by depersonalization, a diminished sense of personal success, and emotional exhaustion. Long workdays can intensify it without sufficient breaks. Burnout can be recognized by observing symptoms like insomnia, reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, physical aches and pains, social withdrawal, etc. Negative effects on relationships We justify our excessive working hours by linking it to fulfilling our family needs and forgetting the importance of family time. Prolonged work hours can cause relationships with friends and family to suffer, leaving one feeling abandoned and alone. And when your personal life is hampered, it will automatically affect your professional life, too. Role of Online Mental Health Support in managing work stress In this fast-paced life, finding time to take care of your mental health is like finding a needle in a pile of hay. To make the life of hustling individuals a little easier, online mental health support can be a convenient option. The accessibility factor of virtual counseling ensures that individuals can seek assistance whenever required. The well-being strategies provided by the therapists empowers individuals to manage their mental health proactively without compromising their work schedules or personal commitments. The flexibility of communication channels, such as video calls, chat, or phone calls, allows individuals to connect with mental health professionals in a manner that suits their preferences. Additional advantages of online mental health support include anonymity and privacy, mitigating the stigma of asking for help. Because online discussions are discreet, people feel more comfortable sharing concerns, which builds trust and transparency in the therapeutic partnership. Balancing Work, Life, and Online Mental Health Support: A current era's necessity It is evident that mental health support can come in handy to help you thrive in your personal and professional life. Letting out your burdening emotions can help you clear your mind and help you focus on more important aspects of life. It would help if you did not wait till reaching the edge to seek help, but when you start feeling that it is becoming complex to manage work and life together, immediately reach out for help. With the blessing of the internet, and availability of online counseling, coping with stress is easier now. So, do not hesitate to ask for help because asking for help is brave.


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