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Infertility and Therapy

Let us look into the challenging communication issues faced by a couple after the news of infertility: -

Janie is 29 and her husband Mark, who is 30, have sought couples therapy to deal with the news that Janie cannot, in all likelihood, conceive a baby. Mark seems to be supportive, but deep within, Janie is terrified that he will leave her. Their marriage therapist assists them in exploring other options for raising a family and how to accept the feelings of resentment and confusion about what to do. Mark’s admission to these emotions upset her at first, as it seemed to confirm her fears, but she soon became appreciative of his honesty and emotional disclosure. His ability to express his mixed emotions helps him process his uncertainty of feelings and reach a place of acceptance and a renewed commitment to her.

Therapy works in wondrous ways to deal with the news of infertility. Many therapists, may be aware of both the physical and emotional challenges that accompany fertility issues. There are marriage and family therapists who may even specialize in therapy for individuals and couples facing fertility issues. People with infertility-related challenges find a safe space to discuss options and make decisions about how to proceed with alternate options like adopting, trying different fertility treatments, artificial insemination, surrogacy, or even separating from each other. Going through the therapeutic process and talking to a professional can also help couples deal with the hidden feelings of guilt or anger especially when only one person is infertile.


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