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Experts Speak: Doctors' Advice On Counselling

Let's find out from leading nephrologists and senior psychologist why it is necessary to take mental health support while going through the process of dialysis, and how it can benefit the patients.

Kidney diseases like other chronic diseases can significantly affect the mental health of patients and their families. Its impact on physical health and quality of life can lead to stress and anxiety. Depression could result as a secondary effect of anxiety. Do talk to a neurologist or medical specialist for support. Advice by doctor can help the patient to deal better with the problems.

A lot of us know that dialysis is a life-saving treatment. Psychological intervention and support are extremely important when we talk about dialysis. It helps eventually in the outcome of the treatment because the patient is more cooperative and hopeful. Let's help them to live a fuller and more hopeful life.

Depression is a major issue in dialysis patients. Doctors' advice seeking professional help can help the patient to cope with depression. Many doctors advise communicating with the patients to build trust, promote satisfaction, and improve results. The following steps can be taken to better understand the patient.

1. Taking medical advice online is time-saving and helpful 2. Make your patient feel comfortable and supported 3. Psychotherapy can provide the solution to the patient's problems 4. Medications prevent the patient from unnecessary stress

Benefits of mental health support for the dialysis patients

1. Improves the mental illness 2. Help the patient to deal with anxiety and stress 3. Improves the quality of life of patients 4. Provides a feeling of motivation to deal with problems 5. Provides better health advice

Doctors advice the patients for counseling and therapy sessions to cope with mental diseases like depression. Counseling can improve the patient's mental health by discussing the problems and talking about their normal life.

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