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HIV And Mental Health

While mental health concerns keep affecting most individuals due to their lifestyle and fast-paced life, specific individuals have a greater risk and vulnerability towards developing a mental health disorder. One such group of people is the ones who are diagnosed as HIV-positive and have been living through the turmoil of having a chronic disease. They are more likely to report concerns like anxiety and depression due to the high stress associated with the mental and physical cost of living as an HIV-positive individual. Due to ill-informed conceptions about HIV, people who are HIV-positive face discrimination and stigmatization from the larger community. In response to that, they undergo drastic changes in their social support and general resources, including that mental health services. Moreover, HIV comes with other infections that might affect the nervous system of the individual and lead to changes in thinking and behavioral patterns. All these factors make it essential for HIV-positive individuals to readily look after their mental health and seek help for their overall well-being.


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